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PS3 YLOD Repair Attempt – Part 2

The PS3 is already dead Too long didn’t read aka TLDR: Long live the fat PS3. Well the PS3 is already dead. Oh you can still read Part 1 of the repair attempt through this link!


PS3 YLOD Repair Attempt – Part 1

One shall attempt the PS3 YLOD Repair Part 1 I’ve been fortunate enough to try to fix the infamous YLOD (that happens on my cousin PS3. His model is the original fat model but for all the wrong timing in the world, his model is the revision where Sony arrange the fan to the left […]


Nuke Tips – Speed up Nuke with hardware upgrades

Speed up Nuke – The gotta go fast way While Adobe have a great guide on which components affect the overall performance in After Effects (and other Adobe software), it is pretty hard to find an equivalent guide for Nuke unless you browse forum threads and process all the information (which is time consuming). After […]


HyppTV on DD-WRT

Last updated: [last-modified] I’ve noticed that this guide can be more popular than my Nuke Tips so I’ll like to clarify that HyppTV and INTERNET is still working on my TL-WR841N router. I haven’t update my DD-WRT firmware since this guide was first published (which is still true as of the latest edit). Apology if […]


RAM Usage in Nuke

Time to See What Control the RAM Usage in Nuke I’m fortunate enough to have a 32GB RAM for my current workstation which means it is overkill for most consumers. Yet I can still hit the ceiling really quick when running several Nuke instances. There are two options that control the amount of RAM that […]


VFX Resources Links

While I’m still wrapping up the Quick Intro to Camera Projection in Nuke article, I thought of sharing some of the useful VFX resources sites that I commonly visit whenever I’m free or stuck at something. CGTalk CGTalk is the forum section of CGSociety and it has a large active community that covers all aspect […]

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 780

GeForce GTX 780 Revisited – One Year of Mass Destruction

  The GeForce GTX 780 3GB model by Gigabyte. You can read up on my original impression of this graphic card here. After nearly a year of using the what once used to be the highest end model in the GTX 700 series, the performance still shine greatly in my daily task (VFX, 3D, Gaming). […]

Crucial SSD

Two Weeks of Daily Use of SSD – Real Gain in Productivity or Smoke and Mirrors?

After careful consideration, I chose to grab a SSD for my new computer build instead of going the more risky choice of setting up two HDDs in RAID-0 mode. Here’s is a review by Guru3D on the model that I’m currently using. It cost RM333 (approximately USD $105) when I bought it earlier this month […]


GeForce GTX 780: This Little Graphic Card Cannot Be Frickin Powerful

I’ve written a new post on how this little GFX card nuclear reactor, the Gigabyte GTX780 (Amazon Link) has served for me for nearly a year. All I can say it served me really well compared to all the previous graphic card I’ve owned.  Once upon a time in Empire Subang… I went to Newegg […]

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