Demo Reel

Houdini FX Reel – Project DQ

Personal Houdini learning project based on the manga Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibōken

Infini-T Force FX Reel

FX Artist for the pilot episode (EP01).


PDF Cut Sheet (detail task description for every cuts that I’m involved)

Primary role as FX artist for blood, smoke, sparks and fog with minor role as mocap cleanup and keyframe animation.

VFX Demoreel 2015

This is my old VFX demo reel prior to joining the 3DCG industry. I also uploaded the same demo reel to Youtube just in case Vimeo site is slow to load.

MFX Reel (2013)

I’ve compiled all the TVC that I’ve worked on as a complete montage when I was doing my internship at MFX Sdn Bhd.

Sadly only the Mirinda and Besturn TVC is at least HD quality while the rest is SD resolution at 360p.

Here’s the list of job for each TVC project in order of appearance:

o Mirinda Fun Bubbles (CHINA) – Roto/Paint/Matte Painting
o Besturn X80 (CHINA) – Roto/Paint/Matte Painting
o Djarum Indonesia Open 2013 (INDONESIA) – Roto/Paint
o DiGi Viral Internet/Deezer (MALAYSIA) – Roto/Matte Painting
o Chipsmore What a Ride (MALAYSIA) – Roto/Motion Graphic/Matte Painting
o U Mobile Mobile/Credit/Data Plan (MALAYSIA) – Roto/Paint

Want a Blast from the Past moment?

For those who are interested in my older demo reels, you’re in luck as I archived somewhere in the depth of multiple hard disk.

I will update this page with a proper description of each demo reel progress. In the mean time, prepare to get your eyes poked–

P/S: I think this is great to reflect my progression to be a VFX/3DCG artist as prior to 2010, I’m aiming to be an illustrator in concept art/matte painting but that is just naive of me as the industry is sadly *brutal* if one were not be able to equip themselves with a large skillsets. Guess what, I got no idea how I ended up to be a VFX/3DCG artist and I still got a lot to learn (Houdini, Mantra, Arnold, Redshift, Katana, Modo, MASSIVE, Clarisse, XSI, Lightwave, Blender, C++, C#, Java, Haskell, PHP, Perl, Ruby, SQL, Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish etc etc)