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Huey Yeng

Software Engineer/Technical Director

About Me

I'm Huey! taukeke is my personal website where I used to write Nuke Tips articles, although I'm currently doing software development professionally.

My coding adventure began when I wrote scripts for 3D animation suites (Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini etc.) to automate part of my tasks as FX Artist for Japanese 3DCG production at Flystudio Sdn Bhd under Digital Frontier Inc. (株式会社デジタル・フロンティア).

Curiosity led me to accept the role of Software Developer in the Fintech industry for South East Asia market, primarily as a backend Python engineer with occasional frontend tasks.

Previously worked at Lemon Sky Studios as Software Engineer/Technical Director developing in-house animation pipeline tools and various web/application development for everyday studio's operation.

Currently in the midst of transitioning to a new studio as Senior Pipeline Technical Director focusing on Virtual Production.

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