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Artworks, Nuke Tips and various 3DCG VFX tutorials by Huey Yeng

If you ever find the site useful and are earning decent/great amount of money, consider supporting the monthly maintenance fees for the site (currently at USD $5 monthly for web hosting). Let me know through the contact form in the About page or Twitter if you want to support me through other methods (like Patreon, Ko-fi, etc).

With the ever weakening purchasing power of Malaysian Ringgit since early 2015, my expenditures for daily necessities has risen up significantly (while cutting down on leisure activities that cost money like watching movies at the cinemas… the horror for an ex-3DCG FX artist!). While I am a DIY repair savvy person, there are items that I can’t outright fix like my Wacom Intuos 4 stylus and I’m looking to buy a replacement which will cost me 15% of my current monthly salary (excluding the compulsory deductions bla bla bla stuff).

A dear friend of mine got me the Intuos 4 stylus replacement as my birthday gift!

While this website has a steady traffic of 150-200 views daily (which I admit are still on the extreme low end but it is a niche website!), USD $5 can feed me for two to three days of meals in Kuala Lumpur. If I used that money to buy groceries for cooking meals, it can last me for around one week!

If you’re visiting this website from a country with even weaker purchasing power than Malaysia, it is OK if you are unable to donate.

If you’re from somewhere with very strong purchasing power (I don’t like naming countries but you know where you’re from!), please consider donating to ease my current financial situation! It will also serve as an indicator if there are genuine interest from visitors who stumble upon this site through search engines or forums!

I used to have Google AdSense back in 2015 but something something bots attack resulted in suspension of my account… hence the website operating without any ads and I intend to keep it ads-free!

– Huey Yeng

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