Nuke Tips


Here is a collection of useful Nuke tips that I have scoured on the internet and use in my workflow.

As always, Google is your next man’s best friend after dog if you ever need to search for a solution in Nuke.

Alternatively, Martin Constable manages a great Nuke wiki for beginners that covers practical fundamentals use.

Looks like Martin Constable didn’t maintain the wiki properly as the content are missing as of 13th October 2017.

Also Pete O’Connell wrote an excellent article in using Nuke for After Effects user at CreativeCow.

P/S: This might be stupid of me to put here but do read up the changelog in every Nuke update. You bound to find something interesting regarding any issue that affects other users which you can keep an eye out when working on your project.

List of tips

There are times where I will not post a specific tutorial under the Nuke Tips label if the content covers in-depth exploration of a particular technique (like my CameraTracker tutorials).