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Matte Painting Demo 03

Yet another matte painting demo! Covers the workflow of analysing a shot to the creation of the matte painting for beginners level.


Day to Night Matte Painting Thought Process – Video Podcast (Episode 0)

Summary of my thought in creating a day to night matte painting in video podcast format.


Matte Painting Demo 02 – Assignment Briefing

Where have all the party gone? Update: As of 6pm on the 7th of November 2014, I received only two colour sketch progress aka Rachael and Aina. Good job to you two and hope my feedback will be helpful in your final matte painting work. As for the others, please show your colour sketch this […]


Matte Painting Demo 02

Update – 12th November 2014: Added timelapse video which can be found at the bottom of the post or Youtube. Update – 2nd December 2014: Nuke 9 is officially out so students if you are reading this and have my Nuke script, feel free to explore the script! Intro Please This is my second guest […]


Quick Intro to Camera Projection in Nuke

Camera projection is akin to a projector use in daily office use and in theaters. As seen in the above GIF, you can easily use it to project a particular plate onto the scene geometry in Nuke. How does camera projection integrate into my workflow? The below list is a common use of camera projection […]


More Refinement for Matte Painting Demo 01

Apology for the delay as I got caught up with several unexpected errand. Here is the final work (click the pic for full resolution):

Using Adobe Camera Raw in Matte Painting

Using Adobe Camera Raw in Matte Painting

As promised, here’s a quick tutorial video that I recorded demonstrating the use of Adobe Camera Raw in my matte painting work. Due to the poor audio recording, here’s a list of stuff that I always do when processing RAW images. Quick checklist of steps in preparing RAW images for matte painting: Reduce chromatic aberration […]


Matte Painting Demo 01

♦ 28 June 2014 – For VFX & Compositing students,  the submission is on 30th June 2014 and remember to properly label your files and folders. ♦ 23 June 2014 – For VFX & Compositing students,  my email address can be found at the bottom of this post if you need consultation. ♦ 20 June […]

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