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More Refinement for Matte Painting Demo 01

Huey Yeng

Apology for the delay as I got caught up with several unexpected errand.

Here is the final work (click the pic for full resolution):

The full size final matte painting work.
The original plate for the matte painting
The original plate for the matte painting.

Since this matte painting will not be used in an actual compositing project, I take the extra steps to relight the buildings and position the clouds to my liking. Also noticed the flying birds which is a way to add life to a scene (in the most cliche way).

Another prominent effect is the use of lens flare which I generated using Video Copilot Optical Flares plugin in After Effects. The generated lens flare is further tweak in Photoshop for the final look.

Overall, I’m still not satisfied with the work as there is a lot of minor elements which I never touchup (the flag poles and modern lighting fixture) and some scale issue when I replace part of the buildings from other photos. Plus the quick scribble relighting touchup which looks soft when viewed at 100% full res.

Minor nitpick asides, as a quick demo session for anyone who is completely new to matte painting, hopefully this demo will pique your interest to explore the wonders of matte painting work.

Also here’s a link to the final layered PSD file for this matte painting work:!6VMQTZJD!E7r-A3n1WRixVVVrYSowBWIxu8_V4ulHd186y1oVlCw (Be warned the file size is 548.6MB)

8th September 2017: I took down the file to clear space on my MEGA account for urgent important backup.

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