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Day to Night Matte Painting Thought Process – Video Podcast (Episode 0)

Huey Yeng


Episode 0 – Day to Night Matte Painting Thought Process

This is my very first video podcast(?) so apologies for any hiccup in the voice over recording.

The video is 1080p @ 30fps so if you have the option, try to download it from Youtube using external addon (I’m using YouTube Video and Audio Downloader for Firefox) or a download manager. The original encoded video is 480MB so it is huge for me to host on my site.

Other than what I said in the video, here is a few stuff that I miss out in the video:

  1. Take care of the overall perspective.
  2. Understand how white balance works especially when dealing with day to night shot.
  3. Preferably, don’t add BLOOM or GLINT in the matte painting. Do that in the compositing stage.
  4. Work at least double (technically quadruple) the resolution of your final output size. E.g. 1920×1080 project means 3840×2160 matte painting resolution which you can reformat in Nuke. 3D or panning shot obviously will have their own requirement so just ensure you have enough resolution.
  5. If you double up as the compositor in the project, I personally think it is OK to have sloppy matte painting aka mix of blurry photo in it as long you know it looks fine/good/great in the final compositing. Just make sure the overall matte painting looks believable and not crappy. Obviously don’t ever do sloppy work in any actual production.
  6. Manage your layers properly.

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