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Matte Painting Demo 02 – Assignment Briefing

Huey Yeng


Where have all the party gone?

Update: As of 6pm on the 7th of November 2014, I received only two colour sketch progress aka Rachael and Aina. Good job to you two and hope my feedback will be helpful in your final matte painting work. As for the others, please show your colour sketch this coming Monday as it carries progress mark.

As of 2pm on the 7th of November 2014, I didn’t receive a single email for the colour sketch consultation. As stated earlier, 6pm is the deadline for my personal advice where I’ll forward all emails to Mr Firdaus or you can also consult with them in class this Monday.

I repeat do not underestimate the importance of colour sketching for matte painting. If any of you all still interested in brushing up your fundamentals in colour sketching, please refer to Dylan Cole tutorials for the Gnomon Workshop:

The end is nigh

Greetings students! Hope you learn something from the matte painting demo class just now and this is the more detailed briefing for the matte painting assignment.

Firstly, I hope everyone get their colour sketch approved by me by this Friday 6pm as I’ll be busy with commissions and preparations for AFA Singapore. Failure to do so, please consult with Mr Firdaus or Mdm Lynn-Sze for the colour sketch progress. As stressed earlier in class, colour sketch allows you to focus on the composition of the final matte painting instead of getting caught up with photographic details.

Second, use my PSD file as the template for your matte painting. Delete layers that is not needed BUT keep the FG Plate intact to act as your guide for the city buildings arrangement. Use Adjustment Layers so you can work non-destructively when you need to tweak the layers. Also do not skimp on the cleaning up process. It is tedious and time consuming yet rewarding as it means less headache when repositioning the elements in your matte painting.

Third, make sure to gather references and dump them into a folder called “Reference”. As stated in class, you can use my project folder layout as a guide when submitting your files. Make sure to have at least PSD and Reference folder when you submit it.

Wall of text is wall of texture

OK TLDR List form:

  1.  Make sure to email me your colour sketch at by Friday, 6pm. Any submission after that time will be forwarded to Mr Firdaus. Also JPEG is enough so don’t sent me huge PNG/PSD files.
  2.  Gather your references and ensure that there are high resolution that is sharp and not noisy. If the references is less than stellar but possible to fix for use in the matte painting, go ahead and touch it up.
  3.  Create at least a PSD and Reference folder. Dump your Photoshop file into PSD folder while any references photo that you take with your camera or find on the internet goes into Reference folder.
  4.  Last but not least, if Photoshop is struggling on your computer, you can resize the documents to at least 2500 px width. I prefer if you can work at 5000 px as in the original Photoshop file that I given. Anything lower than 2500 px will be rejected.
  5.  Also refer back to my prior guest lecture matte painting posts on the site. You can check out the matte painting archives for more tips.

Reference Links Galore

Here are some artists that I admired for their speed painting and matte painting work:

Well there is a zillion more artists that I can link but for now, keep on practising and enjoy the process!

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