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Data Classes in Python

Data Classes in Python

There are many articles on Python’s dataclass so I’ll focus on my usage at work and personal projects. TLDR, embrace dataclass if you’re on Python 3.7 and newer! Most major animation suites that complies with VFX Platform 2020 should be using Python 3.7. What Went Wrong Previously, I used dict when I needed to store something to a variable. […]


Upcoming Plan for Q4 2018

Expecting another Nuke Tips? Nope this is the upcoming plan for Q4 2018 for this website.


Nuke Tips – Bookmarking Nodes

Bookmark has a totally different meaning in Nuke. Learn how to bookmark nodes in Nuke!


Learning Houdini for Project DQ

Lengthy post on my experience in learning Houdini for Project DQ from a complete newbie! Might be useful or complete bollocks depending on your interest though.


2018 Roadmap for taukeke

2018 roadmap for this website. Nope this is not Nuke Tips!

2017 and Beyond header

2017 and Beyond

What happened in 2016 and my to-do plan for 2017!


Rain Hut – Timelapse Drawing

More timelapse drawing! This time I’m revisiting an old sketch back in 2010 and reimagine it in with my current skills in 2016.


Uber in Kuala Lumpur – Hands On

My hands on with Uber in Kuala Lumpur after riding 30 trips since early 2015.


Kino’s Halloween

The various stages for my Kino’s Halloween artwork. This is a test post to verify if the site is functioning properly from the backend.

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