Nuke Tips – Flipbook Methods in Nuke


Flipping table I mean flipbook methods in Nuke

Every major update to Nuke feature big improvement to the Viewer playback performance.

Previously, FrameCycler Pro is bundled together in Nuke as a flipbook software although one can configure other flipbook softwares such as JefeCheck or Pdplayer.

Although with Nuke 9, The Foundry develop their own flipbook integrated in Nuke which I rarely used as I prefer to rely on the Viewer to double up as my very own flipbook player.

I’ll be sharing my own approach in flipbooking a sequence for preview purpose.

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Incriminate Behind the Scenes – Part 1


Before I proceed, the production of Incriminate was put on hold due to unforeseen financial and scheduling circumstances. Hopefully the project can resume soon.

More like outtakes for Incriminate

In this episode, I’ve compiled all the wacky stuff that happened during the filming of Incriminate.

Ok back on topic, Incriminate started out as a university final year project by Cheah Wenjian which I assist to return back the favour for helping me in various situation.

Once he has done with the final submission, we had a discussion to give the proper finishing for the project due to the incomplete VFX shots and… audio (we are still looking for a foley/sound designer).

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