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category: Bug of the Day


Muted Audio in Hiero

YOU HAVE BEEN INFLICTED WITH SILENCE STATUS With the recent release of Hiero 1.9v1, I was thinking of not posting this problem on my site thinking it fixes the muted audio playback that I encountered in my project (which teaches me a big lesson in doing more prototyping in a new software). What’s up with […]


Octane Render WARNING RENDER IS FAILED for 3dsmax

*Before I proceed, the Octane Render I’m using when the problem occur is Octane Render 2 and not the prior version. OK so this problem is pretty much isolated to me only as I can’t get to search for the problem message on Google and Bing. After much troubleshooting, I managed to find a temporary […]


Bug of the Day

Bugging you everyday Not the ‘insect’ variety. I’m refering to the software type! :) This post seems different than prior updates… As there is numerous error/bug that I’ve encounter when working on a daily basis, it is second nature for me to look up online to see if there is a solution to it. Sadly […]

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