Bug of the Day

Bug of the Day


Bugging you everyday

Not the ‘insect’ variety. I’m refering to the software type! :)

This post seems different than prior updates…

As there is numerous error/bug that I’ve encounter when working on a daily basis, it is second nature for me to look up online to see if there is a solution to it.

Sadly there are times where with lots of different keywords search and reading through lot of forum posts, there is no solution to it.

WORST there is no such bug reported at all!

This is where Bug of the Day will be my own little side project to document nasty bug that affect my workflow so others can be made aware of it and a workaround if I managed to find one.

For now, there is two bugs with each from Hiero and Octane Render plugin for 3ds max which annoys me to no end as I can’t find a solution to it online despite numerous attempt to reach the developer (with a less than stellar response from the support team at The Foundry which leads me to create this feature).

What prompts you to create this feature?

Although the initial feedback from The Foundry support team is a rare isolated case, I believe if one write a detailed report of a potential bug report then do not reply back saying having an educational licence (more appropriately the Graduate Licence) is not eligible for having access to the tech support.

While they are nice to ask me if I need help me activate my account at their forum (which requires moderator approval), it still in limbo state. So telling me to ask about the bug problem at the forum is a no go for me hence the email approach.

What baffles me is all my prior emails to The Foundry support team was reply in a promptly manner with proper feedback.

So as said before, this isolated case leads me to create this feature as a mean for me to document software bugs with a known workaround.