Workstation Specs

Last updated: Sep 3, 2017 @ 12:14 am

As of 3rd September 2017, I’m still pretty happy with the same specs without any upgrade and it still serves me well for VFX/3DCG producitivity works although heavy rendering/simulation still need an average of several to dozens of hours to achieve the desire output which are the norm for high-end production.

Here is my main workstation specs:

Also I’m using a Wacom Intuos4 Medium which I’ve been using since its launch day back in early 2009. Sadly the latest driver (and a few version older) and Photoshop CS6 (with latest update) seems to have a minor but annoying issue. If you all at least experience the laggy mouse input after using your stylus in Photoshop, it is a known issue that Wacom acknowledge:

For those interested if my workstation is still responsive, it is absolutely fine and I’ve yet to reformat it. The SSD alone is a HUGE timesaver in booting up and also shutting down (with the usual super quick loading time for application).

I’ve yet to try RAID setup for storage but I feel it is safer (although much costly) to get an SSD versus a RAID-0 HDD setup if speed is important.

For those interested in looking for the best hardware upgrade to speed up Nuke, check out this guide that I wrote back in December 2014.