Nuke Tips – Retrieve File Path List for Read Nodes

Retrieving File Path List for Read Nodes for Anyone

This is more for folks who need to know which renders or footages that they are currently using in their Nuke script.

To run the Python script, simply copy and paste the following codes into the Script Editor panel and execute it!

…fine I’ll show you a step-by-step to ensure it works for you (basically a pet peeve of mine when others wrote scripts but never document a simple idiot-proof guide that actually works).

  1. Launch Nuke.
  2. Copy the script from below (or from my GitHub repo).
  3. Paste it into the Script Editor panel.
  4. Select all the codes and press Ctrl + Enter for Win/Linux or Cmd + Return for Mac.
  5. ???
  6. Profit!


Expected Result

What Should I Do Next?

You can use the result to help identify the read nodes in your script so you can safely move or delete any unused renders from your storage.

Basically there are endless opportunity like discovering the wonder of Python scripting for Nuke, bragging rights to your fellow colleagues or classmates that you have succeeded in running a custom Python script in Nuke and so on!