Enabling V-Sync in Mari


Here’s your latest Nuke Tips! I mean Mari Tips–

Just a quick simple tip for folks using Mari and noticed that your GPU fan is revving up non stop. If you’re not aware on what’s driving your GPU usage to the max when using Mari, read on.

As for that seagull model, I didn’t model it but responsible for unwrapping it (in 3ds max) and texture it in Mari!


Mari GPU Settings Tweak


Last updated: 28 October 2014 (Added comparison screenshots between low and high Virtual Texture Size)
Note: Woops how forgetful of me. This guide is based on Mari v2.6 and running on Windows platform. Your settings might look different if you’re on older version of Mari.

General Purpose Usage Tweak

I’ve been using Mari for texture painting onto 3D model and it is great program once you familiarise with the UI.

For some reason, the default settings can be pretty conservative and this can lead to odd moments where the texture will appear pixelated on the viewport or the FPS start dropping due to complex shaders and model.

I’m using a Geforce GTX 780 3GB so this will be my baseline when explaining the settings. You can always knock it down lower than my recommended values to get a more responsive workflow.