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Nuke Tips – Hide Node Input

Huey Yeng

Hide Node Input or Node Hide Input or Input Node Hide

When your Nuke script start to grow bigger and complicated, it is time to start to organise the node graph flow for better readability and remove redundancy.

I don’t feel like writing a lengthy explanation on when or why to use it but here’s a bullet list on the usefulness of hiding node input:

  • Reduce redundancy by avoiding duplicates “copy” of the same node
  • Ensuring a cleaner and easier to read Node Graph (if only I can keep my personal belongings as tidy as the node graph–)
  • Avoid potential Nuke script corruption when cloning a node which can happen if you’re not lucky

Potential Nuke Script Corruption?!! Eeeepssss

To further explain on the last point, there are situation where you want to clone a node so you can use it on another part of the comp and prefer the ease of manipulating either of the clone nodes to propagate the same changes.


It comes with the risk of Nuke potentially screwing up the actual render and one of the way to fix it is to have a copy of it (think Clone Nodes is like Duplicate Special in Maya or Instance in 3ds Max) or linking the master node directly to where you want to use it.

This is where the Hide Node Input comes in handy!

Quick GIF Demonstration

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