Quick Intro to 2D Tracking in After Effects and Nuke

Another Intro to 2D Tracking in After Effects and Nuke

Here’s my latest video covering 2D tracking in After Effects and Nuke.

I’ll update this post with a short transcript of the overall video but for now here’s a list of what I’ve cover in this video:

  1. What footage should one choose for practice.
  2. The concept of tracking in Position (Translation in Nuke), Rotation and Scale.
  3. Linking the tracking data to the chosen layer/element.
  4. Checking for accuracy (although I did not explained in depth)

I chose to use the same footage for the demo in both After Effects and Nuke so you can see how to approach it both compositing software.

Do not limit yourself to either software and hopefully this video is helpful to you!

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