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AFA Singapore 2014 Trip

Huey Yeng


 AFA Singapore 2014 Trip

It’s already a week since Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Singapore 2014 started. Now I’m down with influenza virus that I caught from my partner-in-crime (virus keeps mutating from every individual!), I’ll be less active with the site updates until I recover soon.

Post Processing Ho!

In the mean time, I got the chance to explore the Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority on my Canon 550D. Previously, I’ve been using mainly Program mode which is a huge mistake as I’m letting the camera determine the best aperture and shutter speed for exposure without considering the desire depth of field effect that I’m aiming for.

All photos shown here are processed using Adobe Camera Raw plugin for Photoshop CS6. Regardless of the software version, one must not use software as an excuse when processing any of the photos as early DSLR owners aka low megapixels and slow SD card still managed to produce beautiful photos using Photoshop alone. While Adobe Camera Raw is easier to use for RAW photos, take note that this message is intended for folks who stubbornly refuse to learn the in and out of Photoshop.

Actions/Batch in Photoshop? What’s that? It is something that you can eat?

Yes, I met a particular character at AFA who keeps swearing that Photoshop have no support in handling actions/batch stuff compared to other applications when Photoshop have supported Actions and Batch command since version 4.0 (that was back in late 1996 when I’m just about to end my Standard/Year 2 class at SRK Jalan Bellamy located near the previous Istana Negara in Malaysia). Phew.

Anyway this post will take a while to load with slow connection and enjoy the photos!

IMG_4018 copyIMG_4008 copyIMG_4005 copyIMG_4003 copyIMG_4002 copyIMG_4001 copyIMG_4000 copyIMG_3998 copyIMG_3997 copyIMG_3995 copyIMG_3996 copyIMG_3994 copyIMG_3999 copyIMG_3989 copyIMG_3984 copyIMG_3983 copyIMG_3982 copyIMG_3981 copyIMG_3980 copyIMG_3978 copyIMG_3977 copyIMG_3976 copyIMG_3975 copyIMG_3974 copyIMG_3973 copyIMG_3972 copyIMG_3971 copyIMG_3970 copyIMG_3969 copyIMG_3968 copyIMG_3967 copyIMG_3966 copyIMG_3965 copyIMG_3964 copyIMG_3962 copyIMG_3961 copyIMG_3960 copyIMG_3959 copyIMG_3957 copyIMG_3954 copyIMG_3952 copyIMG_3950 copyIMG_3949 copyIMG_3948 copyIMG_3946 copyIMG_3945 copyIMG_3944 copyIMG_3942 copyIMG_3941 copyIMG_3939 copyIMG_3938 copyIMG_3937 copyIMG_3935 copyIMG_3932 copyIMG_3929 copyIMG_3928 copyIMG_3926 copyIMG_3924 copyIMG_3923 copyIMG_3922 copyIMG_3921 copyIMG_3920 copyIMG_3919 copyIMG_3918 copyIMG_3917 copyIMG_3916 copyIMG_3915 copyIMG_3914 copyIMG_3913 copyIMG_3912 copyIMG_3907 copyIMG_3906 copyIMG_3905 copyIMG_3903 copyIMG_3902 copyIMG_3900 copyIMG_3898 copyIMG_3893 copyIMG_3891 copyIMG_3890 copyIMG_3889 copyIMG_3888 copyIMG_3887 copyIMG_3881 copyIMG_3877 copyIMG_3875 copyIMG_3874 copyIMG_3873 copyIMG_3872 copyIMG_3871 copyIMG_3870 copyIMG_3869 copyIMG_3868 copyIMG_3867 copyIMG_3866 copyIMG_3865 copyIMG_3864 copyIMG_3862 copyIMG_3861 copyIMG_3860 copyIMG_3859 copyIMG_3858 copyIMG_3857 copyIMG_3856 copyIMG_3855 copyIMG_3853 copyIMG_3852 copyIMG_3851 copyIMG_3850 copyIMG_3849 copyIMG_3847 copyIMG_3845 copyIMG_3844 copyIMG_3827 copyIMG_3822 copyIMG_3821 copyIMG_3820 copyIMG_3819 copyIMG_3818 copyIMG_3816 copyIMG_3815 copyIMG_3810 copyIMG_3808 copyIMG_3807 copyIMG_3806 copyIMG_3805 copyIMG_3804 copyIMG_3801 copyIMG_3800 copyIMG_3795 copyIMG_3794 copy

Where’s Huey?

Sorry I’m not in one of the pictures. I’m the camera shy type.

Also shoutout to CDS for their help throughout the event and also my cousin for his hospitality throughout my stay in Singapore!

© 2023 Huey Yeng
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