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Nuke Tips – Reveal in Explorer

Looking for a function like Reveal in Explorer in After Effects for Nuke? You can now do it with a simple script addon.


Fast and Furious way to revealing the revelations

One of the oddest thing in Nuke is the lack of a way to reveal the directory of a read/write node in Windows Explorer (or the OS native file browser like Mac OSX Finder).

I managed to find this script at Nukepedia that works like a charm.

All credit goes to Saurabh Sameer for the script!

def Revealexplr():
     import os
     u = os.path.normpath(u)
     print u
     cmd = 'explorer "%s"' % (u)
     print cmd


Copy the above code into (located in the plugins folder) and use the Tab function in the node graph to call out RevealInExplorer to execute it at the read/write node of your choice.

You can refer to the header image if you need reference on where to put the script in the I put it right before the # Menu definitions since it is situated at the top of the script.

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