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Kino's Journey


  • Exploring Nuke and Hiero roundtrip workflow
  • 8 bit, 16 bit and 32 bit EXR comparison for Colour Grading


  • 12 September 2014 – Implemented WP Super Cache to served cached file for faster page loading.
  • 10 September 2014 – There will be no new post until further notice due to my current unforeseen schedule. Nuke Tips will still be updated weekly as usual. Also some plugins is not functioning correctly with WordPress 4.0 for now but it does not impact the navigation and look of the site (although some might noticed the change on this page itself).
  • 05 September 2014 – Updated WordPress to 4.0. Hopefully the site is not broken in any capacity.
  • 04 September 2014 – I’m currently testing out Nuke 9 Beta and also the upcoming Nuke Studio. Since The Foundry ask for beta tester to not reveal anything about the software as it is still in beta phase so I’m documenting the significant changes between version 8 and 9 together with how Nuke Studio solved the Nuke and Hiero roundtrip workflow (which I’ll get the post up by Sunday). I’ll share my beta testing experience at here when Nuke 9 and Nuke Studio officially release sometime around the end of the year.

2014 August

2014 July

2014 June

  • 29 June 2014 – Revamped site SEO.
  • 25 June 2014 – Minor CSS update for the font size since I find it really large on mobile screen.