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Summon Night 5 Arca Folth

Collection of artworks and Nuke Tutorials by Huey Yeng

I’m preparing a short video (around 10 mins) on how to track really wide angle shot (read: noticeable extreme lens distortion) with Nuke’s CameraTracker this weekend by the middle end of September. Stay tuned!

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A preview of my upcoming timelapse drawing series where I’ll be narrating the process of illustrating the artwork from nothing to something! Technically it is meant for me to sharpen my dull drawing skills as I’m working full time as 3D Effects artist for a full CGI feature film that I can’t disclose due to NDA.


Upcoming Post (this is pretty much a reminder for me)

  • Basic MultiPass Compositing with OctaneRender for 3dsmax
  • Do and don’t when tackling a VFX shots individually.

Site Update

  • 15 September 2015 – For those who genuinely want to visit my site, you can either use Google Cache or using proxy service like Hola to bypass the restriction that I’ve put on selected countries (which unfortunately I can’t name here but you should know if you managed to bypass it). I really want actual human users who are interested with my site content instead of spambots.
  • 14 September 2015 – Implemented iQ Block Country to reduce spam attacks on my site (due to recent AdSense suspension). Apology for those who are unable to view the site from affected countries!
  • 13 September 2015 – Removed Google AdSense from the site due account suspension by Google. :D The site will be ads-free from now on!

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