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Collection of artworks and Nuke Tutorials by Huey Yeng

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Also here’s my 2015 VFX Demo Reel! Unfortunately I cannot upload the ProRes version since the file size is really huge at 5.07GB.

In the meantime, I encoded a really high quality H.264 version which you can download here. The file size for the HQ H.264 is 291MB. I recommend Media Player Classic bundled through the Combine Community Codec Pack (Windows only) for the best experience… unless you want to view it in Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or any flipbook software for the frame by frame seeking functionality.

Upcoming Post (this is pretty much a reminder for me)

  • Exploring Nuke and Hiero roundtrip workflow
  • Basic MultiPass Compositing with OctaneRender for 3dsmax
  • Do and don’t when tackling a VFX shots individually.

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