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GeForce GTX 780: This Little Graphic Card Cannot Be Frickin Powerful

I’ve written a new post on how this little GFX card nuclear reactor, the Gigabyte GTX780 (Amazon Link) has served for me for nearly a year. All I can say it served me really well compared to all the previous graphic card I’ve owned.  Once upon a time in Empire Subang… I went to Newegg […]

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Hello World!

Hello World!

Welcome to taukeke. This is a Public Service Announcement that Shinjiru MY is a lousy nincompoop web hosting company and giving me lots of headache lately after their quite OK service for the first two years deteriorate significantly for the past few months.

Now this site is hosted by Hostgator with excellent tech support and the ability to CHANGE PASSWORD for your account from the end user side. Heck Shinjiru MY refuse to allow me change the control panel password for silly reason that security will be compromised.

Goodbye World!

The site will be relaunched properly on July 11 2013.

P/S: Avoid Shinjiru MY even though the price is much cheaper. You get monkeys when you pay peanuts.