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HyppTV on DD-WRT

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I’ve noticed that this guide can be more popular than my Nuke Tips so I’ll like to clarify that HyppTV and INTERNET is still working on my TL-WR841N router.

I haven’t update my DD-WRT firmware since this guide was first published (which is still true as of the latest edit). Apology if the guide doesn’t work as reported by some Lowyat  and DD-WRT forumers.

There is a comment system so do use it as I’ll not charge you 6% Goods and Services Tax that will fund more kleptocracy.

Eff-You-See-Kay to Telekom Malaysia

I rarely swear online but Telekom Malaysia just have to get a big FU from me.

With their fucking piece of shitty service that is HyppTV aka Unifail I mean Unifi bundled IPTV service suffered from intermittent disconnection since last Sunday (5 October 2014), I figure a quick google leads me to blame the issue on TM side.

Which of course is their side! A call to TM support to reset the port to the IPTV and voila it works. That is until it happens again.

To further increase my blood pressure, my landlady’s cousin contacted TM just now to see if they can reset the port again. Sadly I was out from the apartment when she contacted them which leads to TM sending a contracted technician to the apartment to replace the router.

Ok the router I’m currently using is TP-LINK WR841ND which is a certified router that is compatible with both Unifi internet and IPTV service. There is some guide out there that actually show how to configure OpenWRT to get both internet and IPTV working but so far, there is only one guide that managed to get DD-WRT working with the internet but not the IPTV.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014!

There will be no update to the site soon as I’m occupied with my university’s final year project.

Once the FYP stuff is done, I’ll be publishing a making of the short film that I’m working on for the FYP and the complete film! So stay tuned!


Hello World!

Hello World!

Welcome to taukeke. This is a Public Service Announcement that Shinjiru MY is a lousy nincompoop web hosting company and giving me lots of headache lately after their quite OK service for the first two years deteriorate significantly for the past few months.

Now this site is hosted by Hostgator with excellent tech support and the ability to CHANGE PASSWORD for your account from the end user side. Heck Shinjiru MY refuse to allow me change the control panel password for silly reason that security will be compromised.

Goodbye World!

The site will be relaunched properly on July 11 2013.

P/S: Avoid Shinjiru MY even though the price is much cheaper. You get monkeys when you pay peanuts.