Matte Painting Nuke

Matte Painting Demo 02

Update – 12th November 2014: Added timelapse video which can be found at the bottom of the post or Youtube.

Update – 2nd December 2014: Nuke 9 is officially out so students if you are reading this and have my Nuke script, feel free to explore the script!

Intro Please

This is my second guest lecture for VFX & Compositing class at Multimedia University Cyberjaya. For this demonstration, I opt for a higher difficulty compared to the previous matte painting demo which I did back in June as I want the students to learn a more practical way of integrating their matte painting into a live action plate.

Photoshop will be again the weapon of choice for the matte painting itself and this time, I will be using Nuke to do the tracking and final compositing.

Compositing Matte Painting Nuke

Quick Intro to Camera Projection in Nuke

Camera projection is akin to a projector use in daily office use and in theaters.


As seen in the above GIF, you can easily use it to project a particular plate onto the scene geometry in Nuke.

How does camera projection integrate into my workflow?

The below list is a common use of camera projection in Nuke that I often employed:

  1. To project a matte painting to simple/complex geometry.
  2. Repaint a projected plate to create clean plate
  3. Relight a projected plate
Matte Painting

More Refinement for Matte Painting Demo 01

Apology for the delay as I got caught up with several unexpected errand.

Here is the final work (click the pic for full resolution):

The full size final matte painting work.
The original plate for the matte painting
The original plate for the matte painting.