Compositing Matte Painting Nuke

Quick Intro to Camera Projection in Nuke

Camera projection is akin to a projector use in daily office use and in theaters.


As seen in the above GIF, you can easily use it to project a particular plate onto the scene geometry in Nuke.

How does camera projection integrate into my workflow?

The below list is a common use of camera projection in Nuke that I often employed:

  1. To project a matte painting to simple/complex geometry.
  2. Repaint a projected plate to create clean plate
  3. Relight a projected plate
Compositing Nuke

VFX Compositing Books

Recommended VFX Compositing Books

I grew up learning most of my one-pony trick by reading magazines and books (the technical stuff and rarely into story-based).

As I got introduce to the wonders of  visual effects (VFX) by the kind folks from Double Negative Singapore back in July 2010, I was encouraged to read up the following two books on VFX compositing to strengthen my fundamentals in compositing.