CR Devil May Cry 4 – FX Tasks List

CR Devil May Cry 4 (CRデビルメイクライ4)

My last Japanese 3DCG project during my time at Flystudio Malaysia before Digital Frontier JP parted ways, it was a fun ride for me as I got to explore many new opportunities such as creating a reusable FX assets for other artists and my first foray in writing lots of scripts for pipeline automation!

Sure enough this project was the last fun project before I switch industry to work as a Python developer professionally for the financial risk technology sector as of this article posting.


Upcoming Plan for Q4 2018

Upcoming Plan for Q4 2018

It’s been four months since I started my current job as a Software Engineer in the Financial Risk Tech industry and neglected the site… so a quick update for my upcoming plan for Q4 2018!

  1. I’m running out of idea for useful Nuke Tips that has already covered in prior posts or by other Good Samaritan in other websites/forums.
  2. Expect more Python (or MaxScript/MEL Script) tutorials to replace Nuke Tips but relevant for 3DCG VFX artist.
  3. General production pipeline articles for a single artist focusing on Project DQ .
Nuke Tips Python

Nuke Tips – Retrieve File Path List for Read Nodes

Retrieving File Path List for Read Nodes for Anyone

This is more for folks who need to know which renders or footages that they are currently using in their Nuke script.

To run the Python script, simply copy and paste the following codes into the Script Editor panel and execute it!